ALLUNE has inbuilt tools to configure different membership types and manage them. Alumni members can log into ALLUNE to securely access these details and update periodic membership renewal.
ALLUNE is the most advanced and industry's best alumni management solution.The feature rich cloud application is secure and easy to use.Your alumnus can join as many alumni in one place and access information on demand.


BOXx is a qualitative product and thoroughly tested by our engineering team. We keep our feet on ground and will immediately address any issues that may arise. The time frame would depend on the criticality of the issue and the service levels agreed.
All our customers are provided with support information to call and/or email any issues. This is made available as soon as a customer is on board.
There are number of subscription options and we would be very happy to know your needs and suggest a right subscription plan. Please contact us to get more information and one of sales representatives will respond to you.
There is very less training involved and qquestt support staff would be willing to assist through the initial set-up and training process. Generally one who is able to browse internet should easily use the software application with ease. The intuitive user interface makes it easier to navigate through the application.
Please contact us to provide you more details on the product features, pricing and subscription options.
No hardware needs to be purchased. BOXx can be access via a standard internet connection and a personal computer from anywhere.
There is no software purchase involved. qquestt is managed and maintained by BOXx. One would require valid subscription to log-in and use the application.
There is no restriction on the type of properties that can be managed. Residential apartments, commercial properties, integrated townships, residential communities etc can be managed.
BOXx is a property management software that can utilized to professionally manage residential and commercial property. There is no limitation on the property size, city or location.
QQUESTT is built exclusively to simplify property management through enhancing efficiency, reducing manual process, providing more visibility in various activities of managing/maintaining a property..


Connects Communities. Inboxx adds much more value to property owners & tenants management; establishes seamless communication channel with property managers.